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ICK Group has developed and implemented more than 60 technologies for various materials pelletizing.

If you cannot find your raw material in our list given below, we are ready to test it for its capability for pelletizing. In this regard you have to connect with our managers of the sale department or to send us your inquiry through feedback indicating your raw material.  

Agro-industrial complex


• Husks of sunflower, millet, buckwheat, rice, oats, pea

• Press cake of sunflower, hemp, rape, soya

• Meal of sunflower, rape, soya

• Stalk of sunflower and corn including corn ears

• Straw of rape, pea, cereals and crops

• Shove

• Sugar beet pulp

• Grass meal

• Grain bran

• Distillery grains, brewer’s grains

• Miscanthus, willow, switch grass

Mineral and fossil raw material


• Coal dust

• Peat and peat mixtures

• Potassium-magnesium fertilizer

• Sapropel

• Fertilizer on the basis of sapropel with addition of ash, humus and bioadditives

• Aluminium residual

• Fertilizer with anthracite

Woodworking and timber harvesting


• Wood chips, shavings, sawdust, dust of hard and soft-wooded species

• Decayed wood, wood lath, slab wood, brush wood

• Cellulose

Poultry farming wastes


• Chicken manure slurry

• Mineral fertilizer based on fermented chicken manure

Mixed feed


Mixed feed for live stock, poultry, fish-farming and the like



• Coffee production wastes

• Organic biohumus

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